about rens automation bv

Rens Automation BV is your partner when it comes to designing and optimizing industrial pastry solutions.

The way we collaborate with our clients in order to find more effective and efficient ways of organizing production processes for industrial bakeries means we are truly a cut above the rest. We do this by designing and developing powerful, high-performance machines for pastry bakeries.

Industrial turnkey solutions for the manufacture and slicing of fine confections, pastries or petit fours.

Our experience as a foundation for your solutions

We understand the challenges of the bakery world like no other. We follow innovations and developments closely, and always try to stay ahead of the curve.

New problems and goals continuously drive us to develop new machines.

We have gathered a trove of technical knowledge in terms of industrial bakeries over the years, and this inspires us with new ideas and challenges. New problems and objectives continuously drive us to devise and develop machines, simply because the current range of machinery does not meet the demands for optimal and qualitative production of pastries as set by the industrial pastry bakeries.   

Craftsmanship within craftsmanship

Baking bread and pastries is one of the oldest crafts in the world. It is a skill that is passed on from generation to generation, with quality, refinement and continuity being constant goals. This applies both to small, local bakers all the way to the large industrial bakeries. The latter is faced with the challenge of consistently producing high-quality products at high speed in order to meet market demand.

Industrial bakeries must be well equipped to meet the constant demand for high-quality and large-scale production.

Rens Automation BV is aware of these issues like no other, and knows how important quality and continuity are to its clients. We work exclusively with the best materials and do not cut corners when putting these into use. This means we stand behind our machines 100%, and you are guaranteed a seamless and continuous production process for all your pastries.

Thereby, your bakery will be able to produce delicious pastries consistently and quickly for your customers.

Health marks expert: worry-free production

Working in the food industry means complying with strict quality controls and health & safety regulations. Rens Automation BV is up to date on these rules and regulations, and knows how to implement these perfectly when building bakery machines. Examples of the rules and regulations we bear in mind when constructing our machines include:

  •  IFS (International Food Standard)
  •  BRC (British Retail Consortium)
  •  HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  •  Declaration of Compliance (EU 10/2011)
  •  FDA approval (Food and Drug Administration USA)

We would be happy to discuss the challenges you face in your production process with you. Would you like to work together in order to find the optimal solution? Please get in touch with us.