The Rens Automation solutions prove their effectiveness on a daily basis in the practice of industrial bakeries throughout Europe. We turn your question into a challenge for ourselves. Our solutions fit within your situation and within your production environment and budget.
Below you will find a description of some machines and production lines recently made. This gives an impression of how we improve the production areas.


Custom-made cake assembly line for building and assembling cake products in various sizes.

Crust slice cutter

Table model (semi-automatic) cutting machine for cutting crust slices. The crust slices are cut at the right size and angles.

Circular Cutting Machine

Machine for cutting and transporting lattice and crumb pies, or sheet pastries such as butter cake, biscuits and brownies.

Butter cutting machine

For effective and high-quality cutting of butter and cheese.

Production line: Cream Cakes

Building and cutting cream cakes efficiently in large volumes.