Butter cutting machine
For effective and high-quality cutting of butter and cheese.

This custom-made cutting machine was developed for efficient and high-quality cutting of butter. The cutting machine can be used as part of a line or as a standalone unit.

If the machine is a standalone unit, the blocks of butter are placed in the machine manually. For safety reasons, the machine is operated with two-hand controls. A pusher presses the block of butter through a cutting frame with a certain mesh size. A vertical blade cuts the strains into little blocks.

The capacity of this machine is tailored to the client’s wishes (150 blocks per hour). Other capacities can be achieved, depending on product dimensions, required portion sizes, product temperature, product structure and product treatment.

The cutting machine was designed from a high hygienic perspective and meets the strictest standards for food safety and hygiene. Various functionalities have been added to ensure that the machine can be cleaned and maintained quickly and efficiently, with a short downtime.

With a few minor adjustments, this machine can also be used to cut cheese, for example.

Requirements of the customer

  • Safety and hygiene
  • Capacity and speed
  • Reliability
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use and low maintenance
  • Mobility of the machine


  • By using smart solutions and applying the right materials, the above mentioned requirements have been met.
  • All the used materials (including the stainless steel) are food safe and resistant to "wet" cleaning methods.


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