BSC-400 for halving vlaai en pies

Halving pie and vlaai is a very common process in the pastry industry, and Rens Automation developed the BSC-400 especially for this purpose. A slicer made for long-term, continuous use in the production process. Moreover, the BSC-400 slices at high speed and with extreme precision, resulting in beautifully cut end products.

The BSC-400 has a high ROI and low operating costs

Robustness and reliability are core features of the BSC-400, which is why we focused on high-quality materials and finishes. As a result, the BSC-400 is extremely hygienic and complies with all important food safety standards. The BSC-400 is very easy to clean with high-pressure cleaning equipment. Because this machine features robust castors, it is easy to move, which makes it easy to clean or continue production in a different location. The BSC-400 can be fully IP69K-rated.


  • Can produce up to 3200 halves per hour
  • Effortlessly cuts through fruits such as grapes or strawberries
  • Can slice both fresh and frozen products
  • High-quality finish
  • Very easy to integrate into an existing product line
  • Easy operations via an HMI touchscreen, in accordance with EHEDG guidelines for food-safe equipment.


  • M Power: 3 phases 400V 16A
  • Length: 1975 mm
  • Width: 1550 mm
  • Height: 2800 mm
  • Weight: 825 kg
  • Air supply: None

More information about BSC-400

The BSC-400 is a standard product, but it can also be tailored to your needs and wishes. For more information or for a no-obligation quote, please contact Rens Automation.