UC-600 ULTRASONIC pie, vlaai and traybake CUTTING

The Rens Automation UC-600 is an ultrasonic cutter suitable for cutting virtually all types of pastry, from pies, vlaais, shortcrust and  sponge cake to hard Viennese crusts, frozen or fresh products, pastry decorated with fruit and so on. The UC-600 is a real all-round slicer, and its range of applications is truly unlimited. The short conversion time also makes it easier to quickly switch from one product to the next, allowing you to make optimum use of the machine and the blade. The ultrasonic blade and robot are controlled via the waterproof, impact-resistant touchscreen, which you can use to pre-program recipes to further boost the speed and consistency of your production line.

The UC-600 is an innovative all-rounder for clean, sharp cuts.

  • The UC-600 slices on-the-fly. If the product allows for it, the UC-600 is a perfect solution for on-the-fly slicing that can handle both round pastry (pie and vlaai) and traybakes.
  • The UC-600 can cut pie and vlaai into any number of slices.
  • The UC-600 can cut traybakes into rectangles, triangles or other orthogonal shapes.

The UC-600 can be fully IP69K-rated and is easy to clean

The UC-600 has a very open structure and contains no difficult-to-clean blind spots or horizontal surfaces. As such, it is very easy to keep this slicer clean with a standard high-pressure cleaning system. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and meets the highest food safety and hygiene standards.


  • IP69K rating: water and dustproof, can be cleaned with high pressure
  • Features a 7” IP69K HMI touchscreen
  • Ultrasonic cutting technology, powered by a 6-axis Fanuc robot, enables cuts at any angle
  • Hygienic, accessible design for easy cleaning
  • The transparent shielding gives a good view of the pastry and the cutting process


  • Version with Positive Drive conveyor
  • Version with inserts
  • Clamps for various products


  • M Power: 3 phases 400V 32A
  • Length: 2750 mm
  • Width: 1600 mm
  • Height: 1950 mm
  • Weight: 835 kg
  • Air supply: 6 bar dry air


The UC-600 is a standard product, but it can also be tailored to your needs and wishes. For more information or for a no-obligation quote, please contact Rens Automation.