onze solutions

Our expertise and experience, together with your wishes and requirements, lay the foundation for the technical solutions that Rens Automation BV can provide. We know the challenges and requirements you face in your sector like no other.

We always get straight to the point, because we know what the challenges faced by industrial bakeries are, and what demands they have.

Challenges within the bread and pastry sector

In a production environment, it is incredibly important to remain focused on continuity and quality. All our machines are made with the best materials in order to pursue these goals. We believe the following are important within machine construction:

  •  Low downtime:  quick and reliable production
  •  Efficiency: saving on unnecessary handling
  •  Hygiene: easy to clean
  •  Quality: no loss of quality due to technical ingenuity

By continuously focusing on these goals, we are convinced that we will always be able to offer you the best solution on the market.

Our materials and the correct application thereof ensure a fantastically reliable production process. It might sound like a cliché, but standing still really is moving backwards.

Focus on machines for the slicing of pastries

Rens Automation BV specializes in the slicing of pastries. By means of a special and unique slicing technique, it is always possible to realize top quality and speed. As a result, it is extremely easy to correctly slice cakes, flans, petit fours and pastries.

Our slicing machines ensure:

  •  No ‘smearing’ of the pastries
  •  Option of freshly slicing small products
  •  Exceedingly fast production (up to 23000 evenly-sized mille-feuilles per hour)

By means of the unique slicing technique of our machines, quality and speed are continuously ensured.

In addition to various slicing solutions for pastries, we can also help you when it comes to filling machines (depositors), continuous aerators, packaging and labelling machinery, and transport systems.

Would you like to hear more about a few successfully implemented innovations by Rens Automation BV? Then please get in touch.