our working method

Although the final product is a machine or production line, we always try to think in terms of solutions. The materials, software and machine line ultimately serve just one goal: to ensure an even more effective and more efficient production process for your pastries.

There are a number of noteworthy phases when it comes to creating a tailor-made solution:

making an inventory

Your needs form the basis. By carrying out a good inventory of the needs and current bottlenecks, it is possible to give shape to the direction of the solution. Your wishes and current situation (on-site) contribute to an action plan.

design and development

Using the information obtained, we consider the opportunities and a first draft is drawn up. We are able to visualize your machine line and provide you with technical information in the initial phase, so that you can already imagine what the solution will look like. This is the start of the development stage for creating a definitive design.


The design is used to start producing the required components. Often, this concerns a combination of conventional and custom components that must always comply with our stringent quality standards.


All components are assembled at our production site in Sevenum (Limburg, the Netherlands). Here, we have at our disposal all the tools and machines required in order to set up and realize a working machine line.

testing and commissioning

At our production location we carry out – in the presence of the client – a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Any changes or points for attention are dealt with directly. On approval, the machine line is transported to its final destination, after which we will carry out a Site Acceptance Test (SAT). If the machine is fully functional, it is made operational.


Because our own service department provides you with proper preventative maintenance, any malfunctions that might occur are kept to an absolute minimum. We know our machines often form an elementary component of your production process, so our service department is also at your service in order to quickly and professionally solve unexpected malfunctions, if need be outside of regular business hours.

turnkey solutions

There is a growing demand for completely operational machines/machine lines that are delivered in a turnkey state. For this, Rens Automation BV will take care of consultation, project management, implementation and process automation. This means you will have just one partner with whom you will find and put into action the solution that works best for you.

The benefits for you as a client are:

  •  A hands-on partner
  •  Short lines of communication with designers and production
  •  Continuous quality control
  •  Supervision of project
  •  Keep track of overview and deadlines
  • Keep a handle on purchasing and unnecessary costs

We would be happy to discuss the challenges you face in your production process with you. Would you like to work together in order to find the optimal solution? Please get in touch with us.